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If you’d like to obtain a copy of EVERY NEW RECORD released via STUDIO III RECORDINGS, we’re offering a simple and no-frills subscription! 

For only £65 per year, you’ll automatically receive a vinyl copy of our most recent release AND of every album publication from the moment you sign up.The subscription period is 1 year and renews automatically for another year, unless cancelled. We ship our records worldwide and the postage and packaging is included in this subscription offer, wherever on planet earth you live. We currently have the capacity to give birth to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 vinyl album publications per year.



1. You will save money!

With an average price of between £20 £30 per vinyl + postage costs you’ll save up to 40% compared to buying every record individually.


2. You will be among the first customers to receive each newly released record!

Our vinyl issues are strictly limited and with your subscription you’re making sure you’ll receive your copy before the issue sells out! You’ll also automatically never miss a release.


3. You will actively support STUDIO III RECORDINGS and our artists!
We are a small independent business. We operate on the principle of fairness, artistic autonomy and ethical integrity.  
We’re not a typical startup-business, equipped with a certain budget to play with. Our record label operates and exists out of necessity and as an extension to the artistic work that happens in our studio! Our dedicated team and several external supporters have been putting-in an immense amount of voluntary work to get us to where we are. Your subscription will enable us to naturally build the label-segment of our business further without compromising our independence, philosophy or our quality standards.

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